“Blind Appalachian Trail”

The B-A-T program is run by the Blinded Veterans Association Operation Peer Support (BVA OPS) to get visually impaired veterans of various abilities out to experience the Appalachian Trail. Participants will complete sections of the trail over time, around specific dates to memorialize great military accomplishments that represent the freedom gained by overcoming our adversaries. The idea is to allow participants the opportunity to overcome their own adversities they face through their injuries and to raise awareness and understanding with the general public and those that may be out there that may have their own challenges.


JUNE 1-6, 2018 / 74 miles / Georgia Section.

Our first mission will begin in June of 2018.  American & British Blind Veterans will trek and traverse the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. Supported by guides and local communities, the international expedition party will travel 74 miles over rugged and rocky terrain reaching elevation heights of 4,400 feet from the Georgia border at Blue Ridge Gap to Camp Frank D Merrill. The veterans who will participate in this hike are motivated, dedicated and driven to memorialize the June 6, 1944 Allied forces invasion of Normandy, France. During their march the team members will discuss important historical facts and history of the June 1944 invasion, all the while remembering those honorable service members who came before them.


Be part of history as these blinded veterans conquer the trails of the AT.

Donations help pay for the expenses related to the program and will help fund future Operation Peer Support Programs. * This link will open the BVA Donation Page.

If you think your business would be interested in sponsoring us on the trail, let us know!

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Lonnie Bedwell follows Steve Baskis who is following their guide...

Its Coming!

As we get the website built up for the upcoming Appalachian Trail Hike, we would like to invite you to start following the pages on your favorite social media.  We are currently looking for program sponsors, donors and volunteers that will help make the hike happen.  As our participants start getting ready and the closer […]

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